Progressive Black Men, Inc awards our Emerald Scholarship to our undergraduate brothers and the Visions of Progression video scholarship to graduating high school seniors.

Emerald Scholarship:

This scholarship is award to active brothers from our respective chapters that truly exemplify the qualities of a Progressive Black Man. This is identified through their individual acts of service, creation of programs in the chapter, and by exemplifying a collection of our fundamental principles.

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Visions of Progression Scholarship:

This scholarship offered through Progressive Black Men addresses the college-related financial needs of low-income, minority students. The “Visions of Tomorrow” Video Scholarship is  available to college bound high school minority male students. This scholarship is awarded to college bound high school students who can answer these two questions:

  1. What is the importance of being Collective in Knowledge, Effort, and Strength as a minority in today’s society?
  2. How has your individual Progressive actions benefited your community?

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