5 Points of Progression

The primary focus of Progressive Black Men, Inc. is the service of our community. To preserve the dignity and culture of African Americans in today’s society, we accept the responsibility to work towards bringing awareness and providing solutions to issues facing the African American community. We confront this challenge through our Five Points of Progression service initiative. We have identified five areas that we believe respond to the needs of the community: Family & Community Development, Educational Development, Economic Empowerment, Health Awareness, and Political Awareness

1 Family and Community Development

  • Under this theme is a commitment to the ideal of togetherness and service. We are taught that a community is as strong as those that exist within. So it is necessary to create and maintain a strong family foundation. Once this structure has been established, we can make a conscience afford to uplift our community to a higher social, intellectual, and moral level.
  • Programs in this area focus on the support of existing family and community structures and aim to foster positive relationships between groups composing the same. Neighborhood cleanups, community and home repair, neighborhood socials, social and job skills training, and neighborhood watch programs are projects that are developed to uplift our community to a higher social, intellectual and moral level.

2 Educational Development

  • A focus on preparing students for ongoing education. We also take the approach that educational development is an important contributor to economic empowerment
  • Programs in this area focus on enabling youth to become proficient in basic educational disciplines including: reading, writing, mathematics, science, social science, technology, history, language arts and standardized test preparation. After-school tutoring, in-class assistance, group reading, weekend and holiday courses, competitive and need-based scholarship programs are activities developed to prepare students for ongoing education. We promote educational development as striving for education throughout life.

3 Health Awareness

  • Our community is facing several serious problems concerning personal health and lifestyle. There is a need for people to be aware of critical health issues that plague our society. That is why health awareness is a subject that should be addressed and taught to our fellow men.
  • Programs in this area encourage youth and adults to engage in behaviors that promote positive well-being and healthy habits. Emphasis will be placed on education and prevention. Targeted groups include youth and adults of at least 13 years-of-age. Projects such as summer and holiday exercise camps, drug prevention programs, health awareness seminars, free blood pressure and other medical screening are develop to encourage healthy lifestyles.

4 Economic Empowerment

  • This point focuses on the economic health of the African-American Community by helping individuals and families to become debt free, financially independent, and achieving job security. PBM can increase economic opportunities and structure through implementation of programs which enhance and stimulate profitable behavior among minorities by attacking common barriers which some may have difficultly overcoming.
  • Programs in this area enhance and stimulate profitable behavior among minorities and support individuals and families on becoming debt free, financial independent, and job secure. Projects such as support minority business locations, coupon sponsorships, flyer distribution and grant application assistance are developed to aid minority entrepreneurs and local minority owned businesses.

5 Political Awareness

  • The political system controls every part of life of people within our community. Elected officials develop policies and determine how tax dollars are spent for what, for whom, and where. Therefore, unless African-Americans are significantly involved in the political system, their main issues and concerns are not addressed by elected officials who may not have their best interest in mind.
  • Programs in this area seek to increase voter participation through voter registration, education and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. Activities include voter registration drives, publication and distribution of voter information pamphlets, candidate rallies and debates, tours of government buildings, seminars explaining government processes and organization of political action committees.


PBM5 Points of Progression