UCF Membership

Collegiate Membership

To become a member of the University of Central Florida chapter of Progressive Black Men, Inc. you must:

  • Apply with a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Be currently enrolled as a student at the university
  • Successfully complete the New Membership Education Program (NMEP)
  • Display leadership skills and a concern for the issues facing African Americans
  • Attend required Informational Meeting on campus

Prominent Members:

  • Ikenna Acholonu
  • Luigi Alvarez
  • Stacey Butler
  • Mickenson Deroche
  • Kelsey Jay
  • Wendy Jean
  • Kevin Louidor
  • Savion McKenzie
  • Michael Mitchell
  • Fabian Rene
  • Mark Richard
  • Enel Similien
  • David Torrence
  • Class 15

  • Class 14

National PresidentUCF Membership