University of Central Florida (UCF)

President’s address

As the President of the University of Central Florida Chapter of Progressive Black Men Inc., I believe that I will impact the chapter through development and guidance.  During my term I will raise the standard of black men on our campus as well as in Greater-Orlando community. I plan to devise strategies best fit to provide us with a foundation that will keep our organization a permanent fixture at UCF.


This upcoming year we will be collaborating with a plethora of on-and-off campus organizations that will allow us to develop a stronger presence in the Orlando community. We are also aiming to diversify our partnerships so that all of our brothers may incorporate creative techniques when it comes to presenting what our organization has to offer to our campus and our community.


As a leader, I believe that the initial step to leaving an impact begins with my peers and my brothers. It’s critical that we develop our men before we can raise the standard. Although progression is a never-ending process, I would like to allow my brothers to expand and take advantage of the opportunities available to them during their collegiate journey.


As a chapter, we must strengthen our brotherhood and relations. We must uphold our values as Progressive Black Men in today’s society. We will strive continuously to not be content with mediocrity; we as the University of Central Florida Chapter Of Progressive Black Men Inc. will continue to challenge ourselves, raise the standard, and redefine the limits of what black men are capable of in our community…

National PresidentUniversity of Central Florida (UCF)