Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

Presidents Address

FAU Chapter President My name is Jervonte Edmonds, I am the 2nd President to have the honor to serve the distinct Florida Atlantic University chapter of Progressive Black Men, Inc. Coming into office I have targeted specific areas of improvement. 1) Brotherhood 2) Financial growth 3) Campus branding and expansion.

Each of these points are key components to the evolution of the FAU chapter. The fulfillment of each point will impact the chapter in an extremely positive manner. My initiative is to set different brotherhood opportunities, from service projects to casual gatherings. Also, to set in structural forms such as balance forms and financial longevity fundraising plans. Finally, to solidify our brand through exclusive paraphernalia, and expanding the chapter presence amongst campus through active events involving a variety of organizations. It will be a pleasure to honor my responsibility thus set forth.

Jervonte Edmonds
President, FAU Chapter

Major Events

  • Still I See No Change
  • Queen Appreciation
  • Lend A Hand
  • RememberUS: 9/11 Tribute Concert
  • Play 60+
  • Wild’n Out Wednesday
PBMFlorida Atlantic University (FAU)